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Dynamic Web Security

Higher the dynamicity, higher is the level of security required

Dynamic Website is developed as per the client’s requirements for continuous updates of the content and re-publishing it on a regular basis. Since the code of these dynamic websites is entirely on the server, it needs to be highly secured for keeping your code secured from being hacked. Most of the time black box testing is undertaken that helps us detect the internal working structure and their errors and also the level of the security to be required.


Aura Digital Multimedia acquaints few such software testers who provide security as per the clients’ requirements and protecting their dynamic websites.All the data mal-information is eliminated and while hosting a pure website is pushed on the web. For full-fledged testing of these dynamic websites, we use various tools in order to avoid any sort of flaws to be left out. Dynamic analysis can look for a variety of vulnerabilities which include:


Features provided by us:

  • Input-output validation
  • Specific application problems
  • Server configuration errors