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E-commerce Security

Money matters a lot – Must protect

Security is given ultimate importance when it comes to performing transactions online. No one would like to expose their pin numbers and get the entire amount withdrawn or used by a person who we hardly know.Some of the financial data theft comprises of SQL injection, cross site scripting, path traversal, session hijacking and malwares. It can be secured using SSL that is Secure Sockets Layer for web and data protection.
Aura Digital Multimedia and their team avoid unauthorized access to the users to keep the data confidential.


How do we protect these e-commerce sites?:

  • We select a secure e-commerce platform
  • A secure connection is used for online checkout
  • We provide a security layer with firewalls.
  • System alerts are provided for suspicious activities
  • The debit and credit card require strong passwords
  • We employ an address and card verification system
  • We don’t store sensitive data on our database to avoid the hackers to use them.

Security in e-commerce provided by us:

  • Availability: Prevention against data removal.
  • Authenticity: Providing authentication of data source
  • Privacy:Provision of data control and disclosure
  • Confidentiality: Protecting the information from unauthorized access
  • UIntegrity: Protecting the information from unauthorized modification of data
  • Non-repudiation:Ability to ensure that a party cannot deny authenticity of the signature on the document